Food and Nutrition Policy

A balanced diet is crucial to a child’s physical and mental development.

When children are given a balanced diet, they are more eager to learn, appear happier and sleep better. We at Explorers Nursery of Wells will provide a menu to make the most of seasonal produce and changed weekly to avoid boredom and to explore new flavours.


Babies in our care will be fed with the milk that parents provide and their meals dictated by their own routine at home. At weaning stage, they will be given freshly pureed food. 


Older children will sit and eat together. They will help lay the table, put out drinks and help to serve their meals.


We grow some of our own vegetables and fruit and the children will be encouraged to go into the garden to pick the produce daily.


Vegetarians, Vegans and special medical diets, religious requirements and those with specific allergies will be catered for.


We do not add salt to any of our food.  We limit the sugar content in all our recipes.


The sun is shining; must mean that summer is here!  We encourage the children to accompany us into the garden where they will pick the lovely fresh fruit for their meals.


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A copy of our policies and procedures are available on demand. These policies help us to ensure that we provide high quality care and that being a part of our Nursery is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for each child and their parents.

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